Financial Misselling

The term ‘financial mis-selling’ covers a wide range of issues, but common to each is that a financial product or service was sold to you, and it subsequently transpires that the product or service was not suitable for you or your needs. There are many ways in which the product or service may be unsuitable, however the main reasons are that the terms and conditions were not explained in their entirety (or in some instances were deliberately concealed from you) and you would not have taken out the product or service had they been; you may not have been given proper advice about the risks of the product (usually an investment) and, again, you would not have taken out the product had you been; or you may not have been treated fairly as a consumer.

Anyone advising you on a financial product or service has a duty to act in your best interests. Borrowers are often not as financially aware as those advising them, and therefore simply place trust and reliance in the advice given.
If you think you might have a been mis-sold a financial product or service, and want to discuss your claim with one of our specialists, get in touch with us.

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