Medical Negligence

Incorrect Treatment Claims

There are many forms of misdiagnosis claims that arise out of medical negligence, however they fall under two main categories.

The first is where a condition or an injury is not diagnosed at all. An example of this would be if a patient attends his/her GP with bowel problems for a number of years, and is diagnosed with IBS, however over a period of time is then correctly diagnosed with bowel cancer.

The second category relates to an incorrect diagnosis. An example here would be if a patient suffers a fall and is diagnosed with a sprain instead of a fracture. Incorrect or misdiagnosis can lead to incorrect treatment and therefore can make the client’s injury worse. In a worst-case scenario, due to the incorrect treatment, the patient can be left with permanent injuries.

Here at Clear Law, we take on a range of misdiagnosis claims. The main types of cases we deal with, but are not restricted to, are:

  • Misdiagnosis of cancer; including bowel, colon, breast, and skin carcinoma
  • Misdiagnosed or undiagnosed fractures
  • Undiagnosed stroke
  • Undiagnosed appendicitis
  • Any other condition missed or undiagnosed

In order to succeed in a claim for misdiagnosed or undiagnosed claim, the patient must be able to prove that the delay has caused further injury, pain or suffering. We at Clear Law will be able to identify this test for you, in order to consider whether you are entitled to make a claim.

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