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Brain Injury Claims

When someone suffers a brain injury as a result of trauma sustained in an accident, it is known as an acquired brain injury.

This can be caused in a number of ways, such as a road traffic accident, an accident at work or in a public place, or as a result of an assault. It does not necessarily require a physical head injury, as a closed brain injury can occur where there has been significant deceleration forces (for instance in a road traffic accident), which causes the brain to move and come into contact with the inside of the skull.

The consequences of a brain injury can be relatively minor, but where the trauma is more severe, it can result in cognitive difficulties, memory loss, poor concentration and even permanent brain damage and physical disability.

The effect of a brain injury can be devastating and life-changing for the person who has suffered the injury. But the injury also affects the person’s family, who must not only come to terms with the effect of the injury on their loved one, but must also adapt their own lives to provide care for them. This process can feel overwhelming, both emotionally and financially, in terms of providing care and adapting living arrangements to meet their new needs.

The prospect of a legal battle is the last thing that any family will want at such a challenging time. At Clear Law, we share this burden, and help people to make the right decisions at a time when they are most needed.

We will visit the family in person throughout the life of the claim, and beyond. We will help to get our clients the best possible care and treatment available, and will seek to have an initial needs assessment carried out, where possible, with treatment provided on a private basis and funded by the Defendant if there are no issues on liability.

If the Defendant will not initially meet these costs, we will liaise with NHS practitioners and seek to arrange for our clients to have as many resources available as possible until the Defendant is able to meet the costs.

We shall seek to set up a team as early as possible in the case, to make sure that the person and their family are receiving the best possible advice as early as possible. This will include an experienced Barrister and a team of medical experts in the appropriate disciplines. At the conclusion of the case, we will introduce them to independent financial advisers, to discuss and advise upon the investment of their damages for the best returns and to help provide the best future income.

We feel it is extremely important that our clients and their families understand that they are not alone in this process. Once you are a client of Clear Law, you will always be a client of Clear Law, even beyond the conclusion of the case.

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